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If you are a tourism provider in any of our destinations, then we welcome you to work with our team to promote your business.

What we can offer

At Pacific Island Travel, we are able to provide you with great distribution of your product. Whether you are a tour provider, hotel, resort or transfer service, we are able to display and distribute your product.

Retail Channels

We have attractive retail websites for all of our destinations. These websites are strongly supported by intelligent SEO and online advertising. They also integrate with social media channels, and we work closely with our suppliers to seek and win customers in joint marketing campaigns.

Agent Channels

We advertise your product to all of the travel agents & brokers who utilize our Pacific Islands Extranet. By providing us with your product details, you gain a great distribution with our partners.

Specials & Packages

We can offer you great options for advertising specials, and packages that include your product. For hotels, we are able to advertise a range of specials on our sites & to agents, including stay pays, discounts and value adds. Specials can be displayed on your own page, and packages can be put together including your own, and other products.

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If you are interested in working with us for the promotion of your tourism service or accommodation, then please contact our team at Pacific Island Travel.

Rosie Holidays, Fiji

Rosie Holidays was established in 1974, by Roy and Rose Whitton. It is a family company. One of the South Pacific’s iconic tourism brands. The company is now run by their children, Tony & Rose Whitton, with a team of dedicated staff, who are continuing the family legacy of integrity, honesty, and hard work.

Rosie Holidays Bula Lives Here

Island Hopper Vacations, The Cook Islands

Island Hopper have been operating in The Cook Island since 1990. They operate from a very eco-friendly premises in Rarotonga, investing back into their Staff, Community and Environment.

Island Hopper Vacations

Private Operators and Resorts

Sometimes there is a unique property, resort or activity that we deal direct with. These operators we all know and trust personally so you can be sure of the quality of service and facilities they provide.

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Do you have a Property, Activity or similar that you want Pacific Island Travel to represent and market on our websites? We would love to hear from you, use the Contact Us form to get in touch today.

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Rarotonga Accomodation

Fiji Accomodation